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looking for a recomendation? 
18th-Dec-2007 03:31 pm
I am looking for a good, gourmet restaurant that I can go to with my 7 month old. I just don't want to feel completely out of place with a baby there. I was thinking Chicago Chop House? How are they with little kids? (Obviously the baby will not be eating, it's just the atmosphere I am worried about, I don't want to get dirty looks from others for bringing a kid).
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15th-Mar-2008 02:37 am (UTC) - Chophouse Kid-Friendly?
Just wondering if you ended up taking your baby to the Chophouse? How did it go?
We'd like to go, but have a 3 year old. Would it be appropriate, or is it adults only?
15th-Mar-2008 04:36 am (UTC) - Re: Chophouse Kid-Friendly?
yes, we ended up going. I told them in advance I had a baby and they sat us in a corner upstairs, away from everyone else. My daughter was only 6 months old, so if she got fussy I just had to pick her up, so it was not a problem, but I imagine a 3 year old would want to run around, which wouldn't be good. I wouldn't call it kid-friendly, it's a "serious" restaurant, but they certainly will not turn you away, so give it a try.
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