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Calgary Eats!
Calgarians reviewing Calgary dining establishments
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12th-Oct-2009 01:42 pm - Thanksgiving!
An actual picture of me.
Any recommendations for a place that serves a traditional Turkey dinner?
18th-Feb-2009 05:54 pm(no subject)
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I've read about burrata before and had the opportunity to try it at a restaurant in Las Vegas. I don't want to have to wait until I'm in Vegas again to have it. Does anyone know of a source (restaurant? cheese shop? Italian deli?) to get it here in Cowtown?
13th-Oct-2008 11:52 pm - Olives Restaurant, Deli & Lounge
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Had a late lunch at Olives Restaurant, Deli & Lounge on Thanksgiving Sunday. The place was dead, owing to its location on the far east end of downtown (4th street east between 11th and 12th avenues) and the holiday.

However, that just means we had the undivided attention of the staff.

Full disclosure, I was with my friend nosarious who works for the Hotel Arts group, which owns Olives. This means we got a deal on the food and he knew everyone who worked there personally.

At that hour, the main restaurant is not open, just the deli. The deli serves a limited menu of light italian/fusion dishes. All were delicious.

I had a salad (Shaved prosciutto and mache lettuce with Manchego cheese, dates and roast almond dressing) and a flat-bread (Parma ham and basil with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, olives and mozzarella). nosarious also had a salad (Tuscan panzanella with tear drop tomatoes, Parmigiano Reggiano, aged balsamic) and flat-bread (Chorizo wth roasted red pepper, tomato, provolone and Italian parsley). Grand total before tax and tip was $41. A bit more expensive for lunch then fast food, but well worth it.

The deli also serves paninis and crostinis.

Being connected has its privileges as my friend demonstrated. The dessert chef gave us a sampler of the five desserts offered for free. They were each in the $7 range and all were delicious.

If you're looking to impress a date, or you just appreciate good food prepared expertly and served professionally, give it a try.
3rd-Jun-2008 08:26 pm - lunch downtown
I am looking for new interesting and good places to have lunch downtown. I am in the core, by TD square, and I don't mind walking a few blocks.

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18th-May-2008 09:20 pm - Seafood
Are there any good quality, reasonably priced seafood places in town?
26th-Jan-2008 12:05 pm - Spicy Hut
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Just a quick plug for Thai/Chinese restaurant Spicy Hut in Bridgeland.

I've never had a bad meal from these folks. Last night was no exception, we ordered the Hunan noodles, mixed vegetables, Ginger chicken and (my personal favorite) Hot-and-sour sizzling rice.

Spicy Hut's food has a range of spiciness, from plain old Cantonese to spicy/tangy that is hot enough to enhance the taste but not hurt, all they way up to stuff that will make you break out in a sweat. They deliver to much of the downtown core too (I used to live in Continental towers on 9th and 9th and they were my go-to restaurant for Chinese take out).

A note on the service: It's almost comically bad. The servers will deign to talk to you only far enough to get your order. Aside from that (and when they bring your order out) you will be ignored. I don't think it's that they actively dislike the customers as the restuarant is simply run by a bunch of chronically shy introverts.

Of course, being ignored by the servers might be a plus to many people. Concentrate on the food is my advice.
16th-Jan-2008 07:04 pm - Large Sheet Cakes
Thanks Lori!
I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for places where I could order and get a large sheet cake that would feed about 200 people for a reasonable price and of a decent quality.


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6th-Jan-2008 11:41 pm - tip yr waiter/waitress!
Just a reminder that with the GST going down another percentage point, anyone who's still doubling the GST as their tip count - well, should've quit that a year ago, but now you're REALLY stiffing your serving staff if you still use that calculation. Times three, plz.

(I was thinking about it on my own and hoping people weren't that unobservant, but then I saw an article in the paper so I guess it really DOES need to be broadcast).

Remember that they make $Pittance™ per hour and get the bulk of their income from tips. And yes, they chose that profession, but the accepted convention for tipping hasn't changed.

Cheers :) and sorry if you see this crossposted - I only intend to put it a few places.
6th-Jan-2008 11:40 am - Jameson's Restaurant and Bar
An actual picture of me.
Just wanted to send out a public bouquet to the manager and staff at Jameson's Restaurant and Bar (formerly Madison's) in NW Calgary.

Some friends and I went there last night to play NTN trivia only to find that all of the TVs were showing either the Flames' game or NFL playoffs. We asked if one of the TVs could be changed to NTN and the hostess checked for us. She came back moments later saying that they could not. No worries, we left and stood out in the parking lot discussing our options.

Two minutes into this, the manager comes out and finds us. Seems it was a misunderstanding (He thought we wanted a specific TV changed). He told us that, as soon as the NFL game was over (it was in the last 10 minutes of play), he could switch one over for us. When the game ended, that's just what he did.

He certainly didn't need to go to those kinds of efforts, especially on a night where the bar was packed. He made room for us, accommodated us in a reasonable way and basically made sure we were happy for coming there.

The serving staff were timely and attentive. The food and liquor was tasty. Give them a try.
18th-Dec-2007 03:31 pm - looking for a recomendation?
I am looking for a good, gourmet restaurant that I can go to with my 7 month old. I just don't want to feel completely out of place with a baby there. I was thinking Chicago Chop House? How are they with little kids? (Obviously the baby will not be eating, it's just the atmosphere I am worried about, I don't want to get dirty looks from others for bringing a kid).
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